Big Bang Touch Review

One of the newer mobile slots by Netent released mid-2014 is called Big Bang Touch. This online casino slot takes players into deep space, on an interplanetary trip to the far reaches of the universe with Wild substitutions and a progressive multipliers. Both available in a normal computer format (PC, Laptop, Mac) it's now been adapted by Netent to be available on mobile/tablets devices so online casino fans can play anywhere they like - mobile phone or tablet, the choice is yours.

How to Play Big Bang Mobile Slot

What makes this Big Bang Slot so attractive to play? Well, we think there's a few good reasons why. First of all, it's released by Net entertainment so it's not going to be a let down at all as Netent has a high riding reputation to be the ultimate leaders in mobile casino technology.

The theme itself and graphics are pretty amazing; clear and colourful and quite futuristic. Big Bang easily loads on your mobile phone or tablet, it's fast and fuss-free which is why we love playing Netent touch slots. By making their popular slots into a mobile version, Netent have been careful not to lose any detail or special effects the original PC version has.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

The extra features of this slot are the same as the original, If you hit the multiplier then it doubles winnings by x2, x4, x6, x8, x16, and up to a massive x32! So the win factor is very good when playing this slot and if that's not enough to keep your win anticipation at an all-time high, imagine one or more wild symbols completing a winning combination with a multiplier of x32!

Of course with all these features, the possibilities for huge and stellar wins by playing Big Bang Touch are out of this world. Here's a preview of what the casino slot looks like on your mobile. As you can see, Netent have done a marvellous job in adapting it without losing any of its charm from main PC to mobile cross over:

Big Bang Touch Slot Netent
If you like casino slots with a futuristic adventure theme which is not of this world, a casino slot that has special extra features and free spins rounds and many other surprises to keep you entertained, then try Big Bang Touch on your mobile. Of course, if you're reading this on your normal laptop then try out the slot in a normal browser for equal thrills. See below for the best casino to play at for the best free spins and bonuses.

Summary - What Do We Think?

Big Bang Slot is fantastic slot for those who love a futuristic space theme plus the chance to bet big and win big. A good slot for an all-rounder, possibly more advanced slots player who doesn't like too many interruptions whilst playing.