Jumanji Slot Review

The Jumanji slot from NetEnt does seem to become a little bit later than we expected. The latest movie in the franchise was released months ago now. However, we can imagine that there is a lot of love for the Jumanji name (who doesn’t remember the classic Robin Williams movie?), so no matter when NetEnt planned to release this, it was going to get players.

How to Play Jumanji Slot Machine

The Jumanji slot machine has a slightly different set up to other slots that you may have played before. It does not have the traditional reel structure, instead opting for a diamond layout. This is 3-4-5-4-3 symbols per reel. There are 720 pay lines. The minimum bet is 10p per spin and the maximum is £100.

Perhaps one of the reasons why NetEnt decided to release this slot later than the movie is because this is actually based upon the 1995 classic. While the new movie actually received far better initial reviews than was expected, people are still nostalgic for the old movie, and this game is oozing with nostalgia from the music to the imagery. It looks and feels great.

Honestly, we were a little bit worried that the Jumanji slot would be a bit of a rush job. NetEnt only picked up the licence for the game at the tail end of January, which means that they had just five months to develop something. This game feels like it has had far, far longer than that spent on it. It is a great slot.

As you may expect, since this is a NetEnt slot, it is going to be very easy to play. It is mostly going to be spinning the reels, no doubt in order to try and rope some new people in who may not have played a slot before. That being said, the game does have quite a few bonus features built into it which are sure to keep you engrossed.

Bonus Rounds & In-Game Features

The bulk of the features that you find in the Jumanji slot machine are actually random and can occur on any spin:

In addition to this, you get a bonus game which triggers when you get three scatter symbols on the reels. This feature is actually amazing and it is a combination of a board game and some free spins. Don’t worry, it won’t play like the real game of Jumanji. If you lose, you aren’t going to be sucked into your computer! We love how thematic the bonus rounds are in the Jumanji slot, especially since NetEnt did not have a huge amount of time to develop this.

Jumanji Mobile Slot Machine

Since this is a NetEnt slot, you can bet your bottom dollar that the mobile slot of Jumanji is going to be epic. In fact, we are willing to go as far as to say that this is one of the best mobile slots that NetEnt have released in a while. The gameplay is tremendously smooth, even on older devices. The only issue is that the great artwork in the game really pushes up the size of it. This means that you really should not try downloading it if you have access to mobile internet only.

Summary – What Do We Think?

Jumanji looks set to be one of the greatest slots to come out this year. We have only played it for a few hours and a few hundred spins, but everything about it is great. Couple this with the nostalgia and you have an awesome movie-themed slot. This is a game that you are really going to want to play!

If you want to play the Jumanji slot machine, and we are positive that you do, then you will need to head to a NetEnt online casino. There are plenty of them out there, but only a few of them are going to be any good. If you check out the list below, you will be introduced to some of our favourite online casinos. All of them offer this game and some whopping bonuses.